My work is a result of my experiences growing up in several different environments. My interest lies within what society does not show forthright. My photographs are intended to accurately document the people places and objects that are around me. I create these images through observation and experiences.

All work posted is original.
Oh Yuengling…how I love you
Fuck me. #8buckslater
Stout tree ✌️
A sign for lemoncede
Day 1 of shooting. #eddietheintern #goodmorning
Sure sit on my desk.
Heh @beccasrebell
Albany NY
July 2014
Roger Richardson
She’s vegan and I’m really into her. Also I got the Polaroid to work. ✌️
Albany NY
July 2014
Roger Richardson
I have a new lady friend and her name is Kodak Gold 200 ❤️#blessed